Erp for Mining Industry

iQ-Metallika is Manufacturing ERP Software for Mining, thanks to the years of our evolution and a team with the perfect blend of experience and expertise making our Mining Industry ERP capable to weave each of the mining processes, be it exploration, inventory management, land management, scientific mine planning, procurement, production, asset maintenance and management, supply chain planning, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, human resources and payroll, finance or analytics, to ensure operational efficiency and productivity.


iMax provide highly flexible having “change on demand” capabilities to adjust your system on-the-go, and rapidly responds to changes in the ruler & regulatory and market ups and downs.


All the machinery and the equipments used in the mining be it Drilling, Blasting, Excavation, Haulage, Crushing, Screening, Equipment maintenance or stores management, all can be easily managed with our help. States like Punjab are vastly utilizing the ERP software for the mining and other manufacturing purposes.


The subsequent data highlight some our methods to implement our assurances:
Exploration of mines: – iMax scrutinizes intensive, organized and professional exploration of the mines to draw commercially viable concentrations of minerals.
Inventory management:- iMax keep a watchful eye on the inventory and counting of the stock regularly to ensure:

  • Budget control
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability

Scientific Mine Planning:- It helps engineers to analyze the data in the form of contours, 3-dimensional block models, digital terrain models, grade and tonnage curves, and in-situ and retrievable reserves and hence make full utilization of principal resources (capital, labor, technology and mineral reserves) and maximize the strengths and opportunities of a mining company, while minimizing its weaknesses and threats.
Management:- We deeply Optimize, Configure, Analyze and Schedule various constraints to manage every field in the mining efficiently.

  • Your workforce effectively- Manage workforce, staffing, employee development, planning, compensation and benefits to ensure satisfaction of the employee and labor.
  • Your data effectively- With our services, you can assure the availability of essential data all the time and quickly resolves any data issue.
  • Finance- iMax accounts the expenditure in exploration, mining and transportation.
  • Customer relationship: – We ensure profitability of their interactions with customers. And intelligently manage the customer life cycle using CRM
  • Transportation: – Transportation holds the largest cost of the whole mining so, iQ-Metallika ERP manages all modes of transportations like land, river or sea and carriers like trucks, rail, barges, ships

Supply Chain planning: – We present ERP-based solution to help you select best supply chain strategy.

  • Monitoring of all inbound and outbound logistics.
  • Controlling and monitoring all the assets related activities and distribution of workers, machines, trucks and rafts.
  • Preplanned supply chain solution improves understanding, implementation and application, resulting in reduction of TCO.

Indian Market

Chattisgarh ,Tamil Nadu , Karnatka , Punjab , Rajasthan , Andhra Pradesh , Maharastra

International Market

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Bahrain , Cyprus , Egypt , Iran , Iraq , Israel , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Qatar , Turkey , U.A.E.(United Arab Emirates) , Yemen , Nigeria , Tanzania

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